Accessing HA on virtual machine problem

I now have HA running on a VM in Oracle Virtualbox…

…but I can’t access it.

Looking at info from the CL I see:

My Mac, that is running VirtualBox is at I’m assuming that something is wrong with the network settings on the VM but I’m not sure where to look.

Any ideas?

Do you have the ‘bridged’ network adapter fot your VM?

Thanks for the reply. Here’ what I have set up:

Then you should connect the cable, i think. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m running on a Macbook with no ethernet adapter. Can this not work over WiFi?

I mean the virtual ‘cable’ in the VM.

OK. I’ve done that and restarted the VM. It still thinks it’s at

Those IP’s are from docker containers.
The essential part is that the VM gets an IP from you router and then HA should be accessible over that IP.

So, are you saying that it will have it’s own IP and not the IP of the Mac it’s running on?

That depends on the network setting for the VM.

  • bridged: The VM acts like a physical device in your home network. Gets an IP from your router.
  • nat: VM gets an IP from your macbook, can access the network, but is not accessible from the network.

I think you should first google a little about VirtualBox networks an how they work.

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Got it! I’m in. I searched in UniFi controller for the VM MAC address and found it’s IP.

Thank you for your help.

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I’m all up and running with it now and the VM auto starts on Mac reboot!

What I can’t figure is how to autostart HA from within the VM. I still have to login as root to get HA to appear.

Any ideas?

That’s not normal.
I created a VM with the vdi image for testing a few days ago, in VBox on Ubuntu 18.04.
No issues with HA autostart.

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