Accessing Hass.IO from two different WiFi but same IP range


I am planing to add a new wifi repeater upstairs and I was wondering how to configure it in order to access Hass.IO form both wifi (and connect to both some IoT devices).

The existing wifi have the following configuration:

  • SSID1: WiFi Downstairs
  • Router IP:

New wifi setting (plannning)

  • SSID2: WiFi Upstairs
  • Router IP:

The PCs and devices will be accessible “cross-wifi”. nit what abut HAss.IO?

At the moment I have Hass.IO on a Raspberry Pi, di I need to add a new Raspberry Pi upstairs too?, if I have wifi connected devices upstairs, will I be able to connect them simply to the wifi?

I have google NEst Mini downstairs, will I be able to access it form upstairs?

thank you all!

Everything should be accessible.

just to make it simple:

  • SSID1: WiFi Downstairs
  • Router IP:
  • Hass.IO IP: (connected to SSID1 via Wifi)

if I add:

  • SSID2: WiFi Upstairs
  • Router IP:
    and I add some wifi lights in SSID2, will I be able to control them?

the same architecture does not work with google home nest mini 2, were I can only control if on the same wifi…

You don’t make it simple, because you don’t use the correct network terminology. If you mean with Router IP the IP address of your AP, it should work. If you mean with Router IP they each have a different gateway, it will not work.

sorry for that…

in reality I have one modem/router ( which works as gateway (and DHCP server tuned on)…

then the two wifi are just AP (each one with & -> and both have as gateway and DHCP turned off)…

does it make sense ? thank you so much :slight_smile:

Yes, that is on. You should have no trouble accessing your WiFi lights. It is all one network. In fact, I have 3 access points in my house, no problems at all.

In my case, all my devices are connected to the main Freebox network, whereas my Nest wifi (and its 2nd point which is also a speaker) is a subnet :frowning:
I have succeeded to connect all the devices (except my Nest Protects) but the Nest WiFi is not recognized.
I wouldn’t like to make a bridge with my freebox because I will loose functionalities, neither I wouldn’t like to make a bridge with my Nest wifi because it will be not possible to have my speaker functional :frowning:
I am very annoyed, isn’t really there no possibility in my case? :thinking:

Your problem is that you have two separate networks, when you want one.

You need to either bridge one of those, or move everything to the Nest network.