Accessing 'hassio.local:8123' when connected through VPN

I just setup OpenVPN access to my home network giving me access to my Hassio setup. I can access the Hassio (RPi3) using the IP address but when I try using http://hassio.local:8123, the browser just sits there for a while and eventually gives a “Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.”

It works fine when I’m on a computer within my local network, just not when I’m connected remotely via VPN. I know this is probably going to be a setting inside my router/firewall, but just seeing if anyone else using VPN with Hassio has run into this issue. Thanks!

Try to use the ip adress instead of hassio.local.

Sorry I diddnt read right. I think its not possible to use hassio.local via vpn. Maybe you can try to setup your local dns server to your openvpn config. But I dont know if this works

.local relies on bonjour. if you can get bonjour to broadcast over your VPN connection to your remote device it would work.

Honestly, relying on bonjour over a VPN is not going to be fun.

Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, I’m just going to create a static IP for Hassio. Thanks for the quick responses!

It works fine to enter home assistant trough fixed IP but if i click in configuration to edit yaml files i still get an error message because HA tries to open the configuration window trough hassio.local… anything i can do to be able to edit the config trough a VPN?

I have the same issue.
Could you resolve this?