Accessing Home Assistant Remotely through VPN

Hi. I’ve searched the forums and internet for an answer but can’t quite figure out what the answer is so I"m trying here with all of the knowledgeable people.

I have recently signed up with NordVPN and have enabled the OpenVPN protocol on my asus router. I no longer have remote access to my HA when away from my home. When I turn the VPN off a can get remote access again.

I’m not sure if there are additional ports I need to open or if I need to modify my configuration.yaml file to show additional IP addresses or what but I’m stuck. I’ve tried to be signed in to the VPN app on my phone but that’s a no-go as well.

I have a DuckDNS address that I use to access it remotely.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you access any other devices from your LAN over the VPN? or can you at least ping the box that runs your homeasistant? If neither of those are true, the OpenVPN setup on your router may not be correct.

I’ve actually never tried to access anything else on my home network and this is the first time I’ve used a VPN so unfortunately I’m learning this all now. I’ll research how to ping the box that is running homeassistant.

The local address is My modem has a different IP address which i don’t think comes into play. When the VPN is enabled I believe it is changing the address out on the internets to

Because I’m using DuckDNS that address may be required as well I’m thinking.

If you are using duckdns, you should not need an IP address, just the external address domain name that points to your homeassistant. It definitely sounds like you will need some pretty advanced routing to access the box through your VPN even when configured propperly at the router.

Thank you for input. I really appreciate it!