Accessing internally via domain name

Hi All
Today I successfully set up accessing my HA server from external network… used duckdns to provide a domain name. All works fine.

However, I can only use that domain name externally… it can’t be used on the LAN.
Is there something I can add to my local DNS server to ensure that traffic is routed to internal IP not the public IP?

I’ve got pi hole running on my network and all traffic goes through that… so is there something I can add to pi hole perhaps?


so, I’ve achieved this by running a DNS server on my NAS, and pointing an A record for my domain name at the HA server… forwarding any other requests onto my piHole as usual…

However, when I browse there in chrome I get this DANGEROUS label appear!!! :wink: Obvioulsy it’s not, but anything I’ve not done to make it not be classified as dangerous?