Accessing the Home Assistant via Browser

Hello community.

I´m new to home assistant.
My setup looks like this:
Raspberry Pi 3 b+
128 GB micro SD

Whenever i try to set up the system i can´t log in to the home assistant url.
Pinging homeassistant.local shows the correct IP.
I´ve already connected a keyboard and a monitor. The HA boots with no errors. I triple checked the URL and reinstalled the system in 32 bit (also switched from etcher to raspberry Pi imager and used different sd cards).
Nothing i do makes a difference.
I can´t get onto the url using dns or the IP.
Whats even weirder is that i CAN open the observer url just fine.
Any ideas on this?

With kind regards

Evykhait :slight_smile:

With a 3b+ the setup process can take a while. How long are you waiting? I would give it at least 20 min. Also can your HA box access the internet?