Accessing Thermostats Min/Max on a Card

I am relatively new to Home Assistant.
I have had it running for a few months but haven’t done very much with it because I’m having trouble finding an entry point into more advanced configuration.

The HA GUI works fine for most things (automating on/off times and target temps) but I’m struggling to get more of the data/configurations that I know are available to be visible/accessible.

For instance, if I inspect one of my thermostats in the Developer Tools > States. I see:

hvac_modes: off, heat
min_temp: 5
max_temp: 30
current_temperature: 21
temperature: 22
current_humidity: 37
hvac_action: idle
friendly_name: Mysa-Upstairs_Bedroom
supported_features: 385

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to access the max and min temp fields. Or what supported_features: 385 means.

I’ve see a few posts saying that these values can be set in configuration.yaml and customize.yaml but what if I want them configurable from the dashboard?

Aside from the more specific thermostat related question if anyone could recommend a series of tutorials they feel clearly lays out some of the more advance configuration available in home assistant I would be very appreciative.

My setup:
Home Assistant
Host: Raspberry Pi 3
Core: 2024.2.0
Supervisor: 2024.01.1
Operating System: 11.5
Frontend: 20240207.0

3x Mysa V2 baseboard thermostats
2x WiZ smart bulb strings

What integration are the mysa thermostats? I can’t find it here Integrations - Home Assistant

The min and max are generally not user changeable. They are defined by the integration. For example my freezer has a min of -23 and a max of -15.

Those items like current_humidity are attributes in technical terms.

325 is a number that you can determine from here

So 325 is 256 + 64 + 4 + 1 so the supported features are turn on, aux heat, target humidity and target temperature.

I’m using the Homekit Device integration to connect the thermostats to home assistant.

How does one determine what things are attributes as you say (ie. read only data vs write back data/state)?

I seem to have found a chunk of yaml where I can edit the value of min/max temp. (but still not display per say).
Whether or not it actually has an effect idk.

Maybe my confusion is around the sensor. vs climate.
I thought the sensors where the actual device (or individual sensors on a more complex device) and then things like entities (and climate? I think climate is a subset of entities) are an HA representation of the sensor that can pull in data from multiple sensors from the same device.

In which case what I am trying to do is just limit the range of the HA representation of the thermostat. Just truncate the temp range on the HA GUI that can be sent to the actual thermostat.

Climate is different to sensor, as you have observed.

The range is set for the device, maybe by the manufacturer and/or by the integration author. I don’t think it can be changed in terms of what you see in the GUI.

You could though create a generic thermostat Generic thermostat - Home Assistant

By the way I mistook the number you mentioned before, 385 not 325.

385 = 256 + 128 + 1. So supported features are turn on, turn off and target temperature.

Is there a reliable way to determine what values can/can’t be changed by the end user? Or what the manufacturer has allowed to be controllable vs what the integration author has allowed to be controllable?

As shown above I can find those values in yaml but it seems if I change them and restart HA they revert back to a default.
I should mention that there is a max/min setting in the Mysa app (which I’d rather not use if I can avoid it) and the values being populated by home assistant do not match what I have set there.
This would suggest that the max/min settings I see in HA are at the integration or climate entity level.

Before I mess with a Generic Thermostat it there a way to inspect the climate element? As in find it in the File Explorer? I suspect the climate entity that HA auto-magically create is just the generic thermostat and normally I’d want to inspect the auto-generated one as reference.

Generic thermostat
If I were to go down this route, do I just drop the Full config example into my customize.yaml (assuming I have the !include in configuration.yaml)

Then I need to set:

  1. heater: - this I don’t know what to use. The thermostat device doesn’t directly expose a switch although the climate entity does have the hvac_modes that allow you to toggle it.

  2. target_sensor: - this one is easy as the thermostat exposes a sensor.current_temp

Each HomeKit Device (ie. each Mysa thermostat) exposes 5 entities: