Accessing video stream with Long Lived Token

I have an automation that sends notification when someone rings the door bell (or other outside event)

Previously I sent the url containing my api_password as follows:

https://<external url>/api/camera_proxy_stream/camera.frontdoor_amcrest?api_password=<api password>

This is what I get if I click on the image and copy the url

https://<external url>/api/camera_proxy_stream/<temporary token>

This temporary token changes every few minutes
How can I do this using the Long Lived Token?


I too would like my camera_proxy_stream token to not expire, or maybe to whitelist some internal hosts that wouldn’t need a token. This is so that I can use my esp32 camera streams in MotioneyeOS.

@surge919 does the API password route no longer work? Did you find any other solutions?

I created a sperated view with cameras on it, on my notification I just send a link to that specific view, so I can watch my cameras then on a doorbell press for example