Accidental touch button card


I have some automations that are kind of critical like opening the front door or turning on the seat heater.

I would like to great some fail safe that it’s not possible to turn those on by accident when using the app. Now i use 2 buttons and you always need to activate the first to use the second button.

I would be great if you get a pop-up with a “are you sure question”

How do you guys/gals fix this?


The Lovelace tap action has a confirmation option you can configure. See

If you want further protection, like a PIN, check out the custom Lovelace Restriction card.

or use the custom button-card with a lock on it. You need to tap it once to remove the lock.

Thx. this works!

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How about long press?

Yes, the confirmation option is available for hold and double tap actions too.

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