'Accidentally' added sensor to configuration.yaml

Hi all, I really hope that you can help me out with this issue I have. I run HAOS on a RasPi4 with a SSD, a Conbee II controller with Zigbee2MQTT to collect all my devices. I was experimenting with a HACS addon to get my son’s school lunch via RSS, and added a ‘sensor’ node to my configuration.yaml file. After a while I noticed that my sensors and lights stopped working, and I realized that it had to be the new ‘sensor’ node since that was the only thing I’ve changed.
I immediately removed my ‘sensor’ node and restarted HA. Still no sensors or lights… In Z2M I can access and control my devices, so I tried to restart Z2M, but without success. All my devices in HA is shown as unavailable.

How do I remove all old devices and re-add them again? Or is there anything else I can do to re-connect my Z2M-devices again?

If you’re using Z2M, then it should just work because it uses MQTT discovery. Make sure your Z2M topics still contain a config topic. Also, make sure MQTT is still integrated in your system.

Hi @petro, thanks for your quick reply.
They are showing up when using MQTT Explorer, but with a 0x00... name. They all have the config topic on each sub topic. They’re not visible in the devices or entities sections of HA tho.

Is the MQTT integration set up properly still and connected to your broker?

I’m not really sure how to confirm that it is set up properly, I’m fairly new to HA. But since I haven’t touched anything there and that the devices shows up in MQTT Explorer I assume that it is?

Problem solved
Seems that all my MQTT entities was disabled after adding the sensor node in configuration.yaml file. All I had to do was to enable them again. :+1: