Accidentally deleted core.restore_state -- how to restore?

I have accidentally deleted <config>/.storage/core.restore_state. I do have a backup.
How can I restore just this file?

Can someone please guide me through the steps using the CLI, as moving the file within Code don’t seem to be granted due to permissions, and my Samba share don’t list the .directories :smiley:


This has to be done with home assistant off. You should be able to do it with Code

No luck yet…
When creating a new file with the name core.restore_state i get this error:

Unable to write file (NoPermissions (FileSystemError): Error: 
EACCES: permission denied, open

I am able to edit files in the .storage directory, and even create a new file; test.file, but unfortunately not the core.restore_state file

Dragging the backup file between two Code windows did not work either…