Accidentally hit 'stop' instead of 'restart' how do I get my pi up and running again?


I accidentally hit ‘stop’ instead of ‘restart’ when making a minor name change in one of my entity Ids. I now cant get the pi up and running again. power cycling the pi just brings on the red power light but shows no green activity light.

Any help would be really appreciated

Thank you

Do you have ssh installed?

Hassio ha restart from the command line…

Otherwise you’ll need the debug ssh on port 22222 - setting that up depends on if you are using HassOS or ResinOS…

If you have an hdmi cable laying around, plug it into the PI, power toggle and watch what happens. Sometimes a cold boot on a PI/ can take about 10 minutes which seems like an eternity when you think you hosed something and can’t watch to see where you did.