Accio bulb through Tuya issues

Hi all
I’ve just got 2 Accio filament smart bulbs but having issues with brightness control in Home Assistant.

I connected them through Tuya app easily, which has controls for onoff and brightness.

When importing the lights into Home Assistant in the TuyaLocal integration they only allow onoff, no function to control brightness.

I’m fairly new to this, so welcome any suggestions. I’ve taken a look through Tuya developers console and home assistant light information, and cant see how to set up bulbs for brightness if it wasn’t imported during the integration.

There is also no references to using these bulbs in Home Assistant and Tuya.

Thanks in advance for your help.

After lots of searching I finally found a solution. When setting the configuration of the entity I used the following guide to put my values in:

 - platform: light
        friendly_name: Device Light
        id: 4 # Usually 1 or 20
        color_mode: 21 # Optional, usually 2 or 21, default: "none"
        brightness: 22 # Optional, usually 3 or 22, default: "none"
        color_temp: 23 # Optional, usually 4 or 23, default: "none"
        color: 24 # Optional, usually 5 (RGB_HSV) or 24 (HSV), default: "none"
        brightness_lower: 29 # Optional, usually 0 or 29, default: 29
        brightness_upper: 1000 # Optional, usually 255 or 1000, default: 1000
        color_temp_min_kelvin: 2700 # Optional, default: 2700
        color_temp_max_kelvin: 6500 # Optional, default: 6500
        scene: 25 # Optional, usually 6 (RGB_HSV) or 25 (HSV), default: "none"
        music_mode: False # Optional, some use internal mic, others, phone mic. Only internal mic is supported, default: "False"

This worked for me, and now can control brightness.

I have bought four accio filament bulbs, oddly two of them show up differently in the Smartlife app. Two show as proper Accio filament bulbs, the other were detected as more generic bulbs. I can control the brightness for all through smartlife fine though. They look identical and were bought together, so very strange.

However when I added them all via localtuya, the first two (the ones that showed up as the right bulbs) work great with the settings above so thankyou. The other two had completely different dp values available and I wasn’t even able to select any of the above! The only way I got it to work at all was with minimal settings and choosing 0-255 for brightness, but this doesn’t give full range and seems inconsistent!

Any ideas anyone?