Account creation prompt upon update to 0.77.2

Hello again. Possible newbie question here:

I recently upgraded HA to 0.77.2. Prior to this, everything seemed to be working fine (was getting some SSL handshake errors in the log here and there, but I believe that was more due to a sensor issue and not anything system critical).
Now after the upgrade, I loaded my host site onto my computer like usual and logged in, and got a notification that a new front-end is available. I clicked RELOAD, and now every time I try to re-access my site, it takes me to the following prompt to create an account:


The URL now reads: https://[redacted URL]/frontend_latest/onboarding.html

My phone and tablet are still able to access the site fine, and they are getting the frontend reload prompt as well but I haven’t clicked that yet on them. What’s the deal with this account creation prompt?

Same problem here.

I had the same question. Turns out it’s a new security feature.

Always read release notes, before you upgrade.