Accuracy of location tracking Android vs iOS app?

The last few years our family have Android phones, and the location tracking is working great these days. I remember there where some bugs when we moved from iOS to Android, but they have since long been fixed. The location tracking is so accurate that automations when we leave or entering the house just works, and I wish that it keeps working when the children eventually starts using iPhones.

I remember that the tracking with iOS where very unreliable. Updates often stopped for hours or lagged massively. There was a custom component, “icloud3” that was more reliable, but a pain to configure and manage.

How is iPhone tracking today? Same as before or just as good or better than Android?

I’m wondering the same thing. I was considering installing the Apple iCloud - Home Assistant integration. If it does location updates accurately that is all I need.

I’m considering this because one user uses the Home Assistant Companion app a few times a week and the other does not want to know it exists on their phone. So, it seems iOS deprioritizes it’s location updates and that second person has been marked at Home for 3 days (which is incorrect).

I recently bought the iPhone for my kids, and the tracking was not as good as the Android. The updates are sent at best every 15 minutes while the phone is moving, when entering/leaving zones and requires the companion to be running.

However I did some Siri automations that updates the location every 30 minutes, when opening app phone/sms, when receiving a call or sms from mom/dad, when connected to a charger and when below 20 and 10% battery. This actually works very good and works even if the companion is not running is the background.

I also created a lovelace card that sends a request_location_update (priority:high) on demand.

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Do you have a link to instructions or example for the Siri automations?

Here is an example of a Siri shortcut. I have made several of these, one for each trigger (time/battery/open app/recieve sms/call):

Trigger: Time 12:00
Get “^Current location”
Call service:
Send ‘^Location’ to Home Assistant
Update Sensors
Dont show notification when running

Let me know if you don’t get it working.

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@rs443 , this shortcut is triggered at 12:00 exactly. Did you create 48 of these (every 30 minutes in a day) or is it possible to say “every 30 minutes”? I would like to update all sensors every 30 minutes as it’s only updating now after a location change.

Exactly. I created one automaction every 30 minutes from 8 am to 8 pm. So 24 of them. I don’t need updates during the evening and night.

I could not find a way to set ‘every X minutes’, but if you find one let me know.

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Did anyone figure this out?
I am very annoyed with the update frequency between my wife’ s iPhone (purple) and my Pixel 7 (blue). This is very frustrating.