Accuweather exceeded limits?

today is the first time i’ve seen this, been using the accuweather integration for about 2 weeks…i do have the forecast turned on, but it has been working perfectly until now.

Error fetching accuweather data: The allowed number of requests has been exceeded

Got same error today. Any ideas?

Happening for me today as well!

It has happened around once a week for me it seems. I take you guys are pulling in the hourly forecast data too? Or whatever that option was for more info with less polling. Anyway, I think we hit the hard limit on sensor updates and just have to wait for it to hit the next cycle refresh. This usually happens within a few hours of me noticing it. I think if the integration polled the API just a bit less frequent, we wouldn’t see this.

Just a hunch but I wonder if it re-polls (and uses API credits) when HA restarts. I had to restart a couple of times this morning and it was working before that, and now I’m getting the same error again. :thinking:

As others have said, it clears itself up in a few hours.

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that would make sense, the first time i saw this i had done a bunch of restarts in a short period of time due to making some changes on the server HA is on…i don’t think i’ve seen it since then, TBH.

You know, it may be true still (that it re-polls on HA restart), but I woke up this morning to the same issue, and this time there was no HA restart.

It has only happened in the morning for the past couple weeks and then it clears up by mid-day and works again.

That’s the current theory anyway…

this is still an issue for me…i was messing around with a lot of zwave stuff last night and had to restart HA a bunch of times, and now 8 hours later it’s still not working.

The Accuweather API only allows 50 calls per day

I don’t know if that is a rolling 24 hours or it resets at midnight etc. etc. but I’d wait at least 24 hours to see if it’s still an issue.

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yeah, i get that…but if it’s bombarding it with calls every time you restart HA, that seems like a potential issue. we shouldn’t have to worry about screwing up the weather integration every time we need to restart HA…