Acknowledge updates to remove notification badge

I’d like to be able to acknowledge an update, so that update will not be counting on my notification badges (orange number). Currently I’ve to either install the update or skip it, but skipping will remove the update from my list (I know I can still find it in the update screen removing the filter), and what I’m looking for is not for skiing, but something like “I know about the update and will install it in a better time”.
In the end, I just want to manually remove that orange badge… :wink:

It is already implemented, use the skip button

Then you will see your skipped updates here, in the system → update panel

As I’ve mentioned in my post, I don’t wanna skip the update. I wanna install it, but not now.
I know I can do it by skipping and then coming back later to that, but that will mix up with the ones I really wanna skip.

Skip ≠ Acknowledge

I understand your point, but since people might prefer the actual behaviour we would do something configurable.

Like adding an option to keep skipped updates accessible from the main page but greyed

I’m not at all against the current behaviour.
What I’m asking for is for a 3rd option:

  1. Install
  2. Acknowledge (I’m fine about the idea of greying out, but it shouldn’t count on the notification badges)
  3. Skip (it is fine just ike it is now - you don’t see unless you check the option to see it in the updates list)

It’s actually easy to add but I wouldn’t not add it on the update page itself but on the upper right corner like “mark as read” under “check for updates”.

Because we must avoid interfering with the actual ergonomic of the UI

Look my point is about getting my attention to what requires my attention.

I have this orange badge on the Settings (side menu):

I like that. It highlights the need to look to what is new, so I can take a decision if it is something I should install right now (a critical bug?), if I will skip (some breaking change?) but in most of the cases I will update later.
Today I came home and there was 19 notifications. It was related to 19 Shelly devices… I’ve looked the change logs and I decided to update later.
Now I have 20 updates, so that means a new one came (Mushroom). I almost haven’t noticed this new one, as the orange flag was already there.
If I’ve acknowledged the 19 updated earlier, it would be supper clear when the new update comes, and then I would be able to do the evaluation again about what to do.
None of those I want to skip… :wink:

I’m fine about leaving to UX to decide the best way to implement it.
I believe the best place would be in the update dialog, but I’m ok with what you are proposing. My point is more about finding an easy way to remove that notification badged without skipping the update.

You marked the topic as solved but it might be misleading since there is no opened pull requests to respond to your need

I marked that by mistake… :man_facepalming:t4:

I flagged your post and upvoted since it does bother me as well.

Actually my main issue is with matter updates for beta releases, they shouldn’t be displayed if we’re not in beta channel but that’s another specific issue

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Maybe a sensor on a Lovelace card could work here.
I have no updates waiting, so can’t test it myself, but I have a Lovelace card to show updates available.
You need to test if skipping an update will also remove it from that card though.

Card for integrations:

type: markdown
title: Home Assistant Integrations
content: |-
  <table width=100%><tr><td><b>
  {%- set hacs_updates = states.update -%}
  {%- for hacs_update in hacs_updates -%}
    {%- if (hacs_update.state=='off') -%}
      <font color=green>
    {%- else -%}
      <font color=red>
    {%- endif -%}
    {%- if (hacs_update.state=='off') -%}
    {%- else -%}
    {%- endif -%}
  {%- endfor -%}

Card for addons:

type: markdown
title: HACS Addons
content: |-
  {%- if is_state('sensor.hacs','0') -%}
    <b><font color=green>No updates</font></b>
  {%- else -%}
    <table width=100%>
    {%- set hacs_updates = state_attr('sensor.hacs','repositories') -%}
    {%- for hacs_update in hacs_updates -%} 
      <tr><td><b><font color=red>{{[hacs_update][0]['display_name']}}</b></font></td><td>{{[hacs_update][0]['installed_version']}}</td><td>{{[hacs_update][0]['available_version']}}</td></tr>
    {%- endfor -%}
  {%- endif -%}

Definetly this is possible with lovelace, but that requires me opening the right dashboard (or put it in my first dashboard), but that is not removing the badge from my side menu.
I like the idea of the badges on the side menu, I think that was a good implementation and it is quite efficient on taking my attention when a new update is available (which means I need to look at that). My point is that for some updates I don’t want to skip, and I don’t want to install right now, but as I’ve already verified that update, I don’t wanna that orange badge taking all my attention.

And now I have 21:

It is probably another Shelly device finding the new firmware, but it’s much harder to me to find out if I have to read a new Change Log than it would be if I was capable to flags the one I’m already aware of.

I meant that you might be able to skip it in order to remove the persistent notification and then just have a sensor to remind you that there is an update available.

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But that sensor will count the updates I really want to skip…
The problem is that I want to really skip some (due to breaking changes), and other I just want to leave for later, but I want to apply.

Building upon this, I think a “snooze” type option would be fantastic. Like a “Skip For…” button that’s a drop-down with options to skip permanently, 1 day, 1 week, or other (date picker - maybe too fancy :smile: ), etc…

I can be forgetful at times, so the orange badge in the sidebar is valuable. By snoozing we’re just making the badge go away if we’re not quite ready to update, but it will come back at some point so it’s not forgotten.

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