Acknowledging Alerts, what am I missing

So I have this alert and have had it for quite a while. It lets me know when the fridge gets warm (door likely left open)

    name: Garage Fridge temp above 40 degreees
    done_message: Garage Fridge temp is now less than 40 degrees
    entity_id: binary_sensor.garage_fridge_cold
    state: 'off'
      - 15
      - 30
      - 60
    can_acknowledge: True
    skip_first: True
      - mobile_app_pauls_iphone

maybe I dont understand the acknowledge, but on my phone I get alerts every 60 minutes, no matter what. How do I acknowledge (and silence) this alert via the app?

About once a month when I add a lot of items to the fridge the alert goes off and lasts a several hours. I’d like to acknowledge, and have it stop alerting me.

I think if you go to the HomeAssistant app UI, you can acknowledge through the persistent notification (the little bell in the side bar).

You need to add the alerts to your UI. I use a conditional card to prevent idle alerts from showing. Once they are added, you can toggle the alert off.

Something else you can do is add a button to your notification to turn off the alert.

If you notify on telegram, you can do it from there as per example in the docs: Alert - Home Assistant

I know this is old, but I googled and this is the first result :slight_smile: