Acting on an alexa guard alert? Possible?

So I can turn on alexa guard via node red, but what i cant figure out is, if an echo hears broken glass it will send my app an alert. Thats great, if I hear my app as im sleeping.

What I want to do is a way to listen for this alert on node red and act on it; turn on lights, speak on all echo devices, etc.

Anyway to do this or a clever work around? I looked on the alexa app to see if I could have it turn on a light when it hears broken glass, and then I could trigger a flow based on that light turning on, but i didnt see an option for that.

Have you integrated your alexa into HA so that alexa can see the entities in HA? This can be done through Nabu casa or other methods.

Interested in this too. I have Alexa integrated to HA. How can we detect such events and turn on Alexa guard on node-red?

If you use alexa remote 2, looks like you can do it by setting up a routine, and then use remote2 to start the routine

But it seems you can only turn on guard from a routine. Amazon, in their infinite wisdom and wanting to protect you from yourself, won’t let you turn off guard from a routine. You have to say the magic words to turn off guard.

Someone had two alexa’s close enough to each other to have one speak and the other one hear it to disable guard, that might work for me.

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@sheminasalam yes its integrated. What are you thinking?

@randytsuch I can turn guard mode on and off via node red without issue. I use this in conjuction with turning on and off what I call night mode.

Create a input_boolean and expose it to alexa. In guard setup make sure that alexa turns on this input_boolean when it detects something. You can thus see the response of guard mode in HA as the turning on of this input_boolean.

i dont see a way in alexa guard to make anything happen when guard is triggered other than makings dogs bark (if I wanna pay $$)

Alexa guard only listens to breaking glass, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, it is ok to turn it on 24x7, right?
I tried to call service alarm_arm_away on the Alexa Guard, but it turns on Ring Alarm to Away as well, although I put the Alexa Guard entity Id. Seems that my Ring Alarm and Alexa Guard are linked together. Is there a way to just turn Alexa Guard to Away mode and not affecting Ring Alarm?

I think it also listens for unusual sounds. I thought in the alexa app you can disable linking it with alarm systems

Any idea if this is possible yet? Would be really nice to have an Automation run when glass break is detected.

Far as I know, no.

I asked quite awhile ago there was no way to see it at that time…

Since a guard alert seems to only send a notification to the Alexa app, the only thing I can think of is to somehow use tasker to read that notification on your phone and then trigger something else to happen.

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