Acting on changing of evohome mode

Hi all,
Currently a Domoticz user and i’ve have only just become aware of home assistant.
I am looking at changing over due to z-wave issues,(if i am going to factory reset all nodes, i may as well just start a new system from fresh).
One thing i really do need from a new system is the ability to see the evohome modes (Normal, eco/away/custom) and then react to those changes. (ideally through the HGI80 interface rather than honeywell online service).

For examples, when i select custom on my evohome console, i need 2 relays to switch on and 2 plugs to switch off (all z-wave).

I presume this is something that home assistant can achieve? - Its the reading of evohome modes via the HGI80 interface im worried about.
I do hope the above is achievable, i’m looking actually looking forward to this change, if it can happen.
Cheers all,

Yes, easily achievable

Does this help?

That does somewhat help, its talk TCC which is honeywells online service.

I have now searched the forum and it seems HGI80 support is being developed so i could start with the TCC online service and move over to HGI80 in the near future.