Action based on user

Hello community,

I already researched entire week and i didnt figured out if this problem have a solution.

I have many users associated to Persons (devices too) and i want to achieve following automation:

I have multiple warehouse doors that slide vertically and its about safety.

Until now, i was the only one that had acces to do that. But i want to grant acces to multiple users and here it is how i want them to work:

  1. I created a boolean for state of acces and if its false - everybody can see the card that contain input for password. If its true i want to LOCK acces for everybody else but the current user that typed the password.

  2. I already have 2 conditional cards: One with state of doors, one with switches. If the bool is true, i want the user to see the switches card, if its false, i want him to see only the state of them.

My english is not quite good but maybe you understood my problem.

The idea is that i want to lock acces to only one user to take actions. Thats the main problem.

Thank you and i accept any other solution if this one is imposibile.

Example be found here

You may be able to use the restriction card in your displays to solve those use cases.

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You are a life saver. Thanks alot. I will upload final code and demo tomorrow if somebody else will need it.

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