Action: Dashboard Select > Target Companion App Device

Would create the ability to automatically switch the default dashboard according to any number of triggers and conditions. For example, you could create an automation that switches the default dashboard in your companion app to the dashboard with all your Hi-Fi controls whenever a media player starts playing. Or if you have a room presence detection system, switch to the dashboard for the room the device is in. This feature would cut down on the time taken to switch dashboards manually and would be super handy for testing other automations.

You mean a conditional card.
Yes they can be useful.

My usecase is easier, and I don’t see how browser mod can help with the android app:
Show dashboard A when home, and show dashboard B when not home.

It can switch dashboard displays depending on entity states.

Ok found that it works in the android app, too. :wink:

When the app is open “browser mod: navigate” can be used to open the right dashboard.
Now I need a trigger like “when android app is opened” then run the navigate automation. I don’t think this is possible.

I found a solution, though: In the app settings, new shortcuts to the android home screen can be defined. A lovelace path can be given. So I now have two buttons in my launcher for HA to start the right lovelace dashboard :+1:

Can it change dashboards based on the current dashboard?

My scenario is that I have a ‘Home’ dashboard, which is the default for every tablet throughout the house. But, if a user (at a specific tablet) selects another dashboard and walks away, I want the ability to automatically switch back to the Home dashboard after some interval, say 20 seconds.

(Ideally, if someone selected the media player dashboard and was playing music, then that change wouldn’t happen. I’m sure the same principles apply, just a more sophisticated automation script.)

Can browser_mod detect which dashboard is ‘current’, then I could use the ‘.navigate’ option to get back to the default Home (or ignore it, if the Media dashboard is selected)?