Action LSC Smart Connect Doorbell Integration

I live in the Netherlands, and a cheap store (Action) has recently added a smart doorbell in their productline.

It works on their app (LSC Smart Connect), which is a skinned Tuya version as I understand it.

Does somebody know this product, and if I can integrate it in Home Assistant.
Via cloud, tuya, or as a generic IP cam and a sensor if the button is pressed.

I would love to hear your ideas. It is now on sale for €30.


I say them yesterday in the Belgian Action too. I’m interested if it can be integrated.

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I sent Action a support request with the question if it is possible to use it as IP cam and IP sensor. Will get an answer in around 3 workdays, will post again if I get it.

Did you get any answer? I’m interested too.

They answered today. Said it is not compatible with HA, but only through their LSC app…

I know for a fact that the LSC Smart Power plug and filament lights works via the HA Tuya integration because they all work with a standard ESP8266 chip. Beware that the Tuya service is cloud based and that your credentials will be on a Chinese server. Google Tuya convert if you want to go around all that.

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BTW they are all over the place on Marktplaats. Not sure what to think of that…

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Am I wrong heaving read that they do not use ESP82xx chips anymore and therefore can not be flashed anymore…

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Yes, but Tuya camera’s do not work currently in HA if I read that correctly.

I would not know about that @Nick4

Sorry for replying to this old thread but it seem’s someone build something so we can convert our doorbell software:

Seems like our LSC Smart Doorbell is just another variant.

Anyone got a solution for this?

Integrated (button - mqtt, motion - mqtt, video stream (RSTP and ONVIF).
As @viertausend show - it’s just custom camera.

Can you please elaborate? I saw the ads for this doorbell and was curious if (and how) it integrates to Home Assistant. I found the BazzDoorbell project as well, but it seems to me that what this project does is opening up the RTSP stream.

That’s great by itself, but I would also like to know when the doorbell is being pressed. So with

Integrated (button - mqtt, motion - mqtt, video stream (RSTP and ONVIF).

do you mean you got all this working with this type of video doorbell? If so, would you care to share how you did it?