Action LSC Smart Connect Doorbell Integration

I live in the Netherlands, and a cheap store (Action) has recently added a smart doorbell in their productline.

It works on their app (LSC Smart Connect), which is a skinned Tuya version as I understand it.

Does somebody know this product, and if I can integrate it in Home Assistant.
Via cloud, tuya, or as a generic IP cam and a sensor if the button is pressed.

I would love to hear your ideas. It is now on sale for €30.


I say them yesterday in the Belgian Action too. I’m interested if it can be integrated.

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I sent Action a support request with the question if it is possible to use it as IP cam and IP sensor. Will get an answer in around 3 workdays, will post again if I get it.

Did you get any answer? I’m interested too.

They answered today. Said it is not compatible with HA, but only through their LSC app…

I know for a fact that the LSC Smart Power plug and filament lights works via the HA Tuya integration because they all work with a standard ESP8266 chip. Beware that the Tuya service is cloud based and that your credentials will be on a Chinese server. Google Tuya convert if you want to go around all that.

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BTW they are all over the place on Marktplaats. Not sure what to think of that…

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Am I wrong heaving read that they do not use ESP82xx chips anymore and therefore can not be flashed anymore…

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Yes, but Tuya camera’s do not work currently in HA if I read that correctly.

I would not know about that @Nick4

Sorry for replying to this old thread but it seem’s someone build something so we can convert our doorbell software:

Seems like our LSC Smart Doorbell is just another variant.

Anyone got a solution for this?

Integrated (button - mqtt, motion - mqtt, video stream (RSTP and ONVIF).
As @viertausend show - it’s just custom camera.

Can you please elaborate? I saw the ads for this doorbell and was curious if (and how) it integrates to Home Assistant. I found the BazzDoorbell project as well, but it seems to me that what this project does is opening up the RTSP stream.

That’s great by itself, but I would also like to know when the doorbell is being pressed. So with

Integrated (button - mqtt, motion - mqtt, video stream (RSTP and ONVIF).

do you mean you got all this working with this type of video doorbell? If so, would you care to share how you did it?

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Any news how to integrate this LSC doorbell in HA without having to break it open?

For button detect you also need to run on DoorBell MQTT client, and connect it you your server.


Purchased the LSC Smartdoorbell from Action Store. It fully integrates with Home Assistant (via Tuya Integration) You can fully control the doorbell from HA, what it doesn’t do is let you know if somebody has rang the bell !!!, There’s no (binary) sensor or sensor that let you know if any movement has taken place. The Automation and Scripts can only react to the control options…

Oh, it has even an ONVIF option with a local address assigned.

Anybody any other experiences on how to trigger the doorbell / motion action.

Update nov. 12th…
According to Francks’ implementation of button press notification is not to be expected soon, see twitter post from nov 9th…

Implementation as is, nice work but absolutely useless in HA, you can use the Tuya app…

Regards Frank

!!! indeed.
Knowing whether someone pushing the doorbell is probably the 1st (and the most basic) integration anyone would want to get out of an … em … doorbell.

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I use the Sonoff RF bridge (flashed with Tasmota firmware). This integrates very well with HA Tasmota addon. It basically sends a MQTT message when RF data is received.

Setup a general MQTT template sensor for the received data and use the state change of that sensor (to the value of the button) as the trigger for any automation you want.

platform: mqtt
name: “RF_data”
state_topic: “sonoffrf/tele/RESULT”
value_template: “{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}”
expire_after: 5
qos: 1

You can just catch the 433MHz RF signal of the doorbell button (when pressed) in the Tasmota web UI Console section (for the Sonoff RF bridge). When then pressing the button, you will find the correct data value in the log shown on the console page.

MQT: sonoffrf/tele/RESULT = {“Time”:“2021-11-13T13:52:38”,“RfReceived”:{“Sync”:12950,“Low”:400,“High”:1250,“Data”:“313031”,“RfKey”:“None”}}


Thank you for this info ! How did you figure out it was sending a RF signal lol ?
I was already “listening” the RF with the bridge and didn’t think/caught about that.