Action widget broken for iOS companion app?

It’s been working on and off since I switched to iOS, but basically I want all my actions shown on a widget in the screen all the way to the left (the one where you can only have widgets).

I used to be able to add Home Assistant within that little box that say “cutomize” (the box where Google Keep is in the screenshot below):

If tapping “customize”, you come to this screen, and Home Assistant used to be listed (but is no more):

This is the second time it has disappeared, the first time it came back after a HA Companion app update.

Without that option, you can only show a small subset of the actions I have, the four rows shown in the first screenshot. Before it broke, I had 8 lines, and since it was within the “box” where Google Keep is, you’ll notice the small arrow at the right next to “Google Keep”, that allowed me to hide/expand the remaining rows.

What more is, with the current version outside of the “box”, if I tap any of the icons, it opens up Home Assistant and shows a goofy huge single page icon instead of just performing the action, e.g.:

if I click the “Basement” action.

How the heck do I get back to how it was? And any idea why it stops working every now and then?

I just updated the HA app and immediate noticed that the most useful feature was gone.

You said it’s happened before, so perhaps it will be back soon with the next update.

I wish they wouldn’t release a version without this feature, ever.

Very much agreed, it’s really a lot of extra work to control anything manually from the phone without. Kind of making me consider a switch back to Android…

And I am still thinking it is due to “errors” in updates, but I’m not 100% sure.

I’ve noticed that, for both my girlfriend and I, it comes and goes. And sometimes, on the same day, I will have the “full” widget while she will not. I didn’t check if she was “late to update”, but we both have auto update enabled, and at the time, the last app version was released more than a week before.

At the moment, I’m back to the “crippled” version for the last few days (and that corresponds to the latest update).

I try not to rely on HA too much, because every release of the core or companion app breaks something. Every. Time.