Actionable notification action_data not being echoed back to home assistant

Hi All, I’m trying to integrate a custom guest wifi portal into home assistant where it passes the guests name and MAC to home assistant over MQTT and then expects to see the MAC on a separate approve channel if it is allowed access.

The plan is that home assistant will send an actionable notification to our phones asking if we want to approve the device, when we press approve it triggers an automation to send the MAC address to the approve MQTT channel. The plan is to pass the MAC through the action data parameter so the workflow can handle multiple guest requests simultaneously.

The approve button is triggering the event in Home Assistant but there is no actionData or similar in

The automations

- id: '201801181845'
  alias: 'Guest requesting access'
    platform: state
    entity_id: sensor.mac_requesting_access
  condition: []
    - service: notify.all_mobiles
        message: >
          {{ states('sensor.guest_requesting_access') }} is asking to join the network
            category: "guestaccess" # Needs to match the top level identifier you used in the ios configuration
              mac_address: "12:34:56:78:90:AB"
            # Anything passed in action_data will get echoed back to Home Assistant.

- id: '201801181942'
  alias: 'Approve guest access'
    platform: event
    event_type: ios.notification_action_fired
      actionName: 'GRANT_ACESS'
  condition: []
#    - service: mqtt.publish
#      data_template:
#        topic: "home/network/guest/approve"
#        payload: '{{["actionData"]["mac_address"] }}'
    - service: persistent_notification.create
        message: "Guest access approved: {{}}"
        title: 'Access Approved'

What is printed in the persistent notification is:
Guest access approved: {'actionName': 'GRANT_ACESS', 'sourceDeviceName': 'iPhone', 'sourceDevicePermanentID': '6C10B223-A539-44DB-8E21-771C323XXXXX'}

iOS component configuration:

ios: # Enable the iOS (Apple not Cisco) component
      - name: guestaccess
        identifier: 'guestaccess'
          - identifier: 'GRANT_ACESS' #(Required)  A unique identifier for this action. Must be uppercase and have no special characters or spaces. Only needs to be unique to the category, not unique globally.
            title: 'Grant Access' # The text to display on the button. Keep it short.
            activationMode: 'background' # (Optional): The mode in which to run the app when the action is performed. Setting this to foreground will make the app open after selecting. Default value is background.
            authenticationRequired: no # (Optional): If a truthy value (true, True, yes, etc.) the user must unlock the device before the action is performed.
            destructive: no # (Optional): When the value of this property is a truthy value, the system displays the corresponding button differently to indicate that the action is destructive (text color is red).
            behavior: 'default' # (Optional): When textInput the system provides a way for the user to enter a text response to be included with the notification. The entered text will be sent back to Home Assistant. Default value is default.

@CStandley did you ever find a solution to this?

I also had some problems with this, but i managed to get it working.
You need to pass action_data on the same level as push, I think the documentation might be incorrect.
I am calling it from appDaemon so for me it looks like this.

data = {"push": {"category": "alert"}, "action_data":{"test":"test"}}