Actionable notification questions

Hi all,

Loving the new notification system, it’s working great for me. I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a way to add a new line in the notification message? I want to have some text, with the date on the next line.

I am using Node Red to create and send the notifications, my function correctly shows the new line in the debug window, but am yet to find a way to add that new line in the notification itself. I have tried \n, \r\n, and <br>.

A feature request I have is to make a notification persistent. I’d like a particular notification to always show, and can’t be swiped away. Is this possible?


Permanent notifications are not there but what is the use case if you can’t dismiss it? You can use sticky: true so it doesnt get dismissed if a user taps on it. You can also use tag to update and remove a notification.

Yep, I’m using both of those, and are working fine.

I currently have a persistent notification which frequently gets updated with important stuff for me. I have created this with Tasker and Autonotifications.

It would be nice to have this option, which would allow me to simplify my setup by using 2 less apps.


Oh thats a neat idea, you should create a feature request for that :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, will do!