Actionable Notifications - How to Force the Action to Show with Swiping?

Have been in the process of migrating notifications from Pushover to the Home Assistant Android app and have a question on actionable notifications. I have everything working OK through Node Red, except I’m wondering if there is a way to force the action part of the notification to show up by default? Right now, lets say I send a notification that says the front door is unlocked and have an action to lock it. When I see the Home Assistant notification, it just says “The door is unlocked” and there is no indication that it has an action associated with it. The action is there if I swipe down again on it though. Is there a way to force this? Trying to make it more obvious to my wife that some notifications can do this.

I have played with all sorts of priority, channel, tag, stick, persistent, and other options from the instructions page, but haven’t been able to make this happen. Is it possible?

I was thinking I could change the color of the notifications with actions, but this seems like more of a workaround.

Using Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Android 10 with the latest Home Assistant app.


You can always add “Swipe down to lock” to the end of the message.

Depending on the device by default notifications are collapsed on the lock screen but the first notification in the pull down is expanded. At least that is how it works on my pixel 4.

Its not a huge deal. There is a little arrow indicating that it can be expanded. I think the problem is mainly that all the phone OEMs do it a little different, especially Samsung vs a true Pixel phone.