Actionable Notifications - How to Force the Action to Show with Swiping?

Have been in the process of migrating notifications from Pushover to the Home Assistant Android app and have a question on actionable notifications. I have everything working OK through Node Red, except I’m wondering if there is a way to force the action part of the notification to show up by default? Right now, lets say I send a notification that says the front door is unlocked and have an action to lock it. When I see the Home Assistant notification, it just says “The door is unlocked” and there is no indication that it has an action associated with it. The action is there if I swipe down again on it though. Is there a way to force this? Trying to make it more obvious to my wife that some notifications can do this.

I have played with all sorts of priority, channel, tag, stick, persistent, and other options from the instructions page, but haven’t been able to make this happen. Is it possible?

I was thinking I could change the color of the notifications with actions, but this seems like more of a workaround.

Using Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Android 10 with the latest Home Assistant app.