Actionable Notifications in iPhone XR

Can anyone say how will actionable notifications work with iPhone XR?

Since it has “Haptic touch” rather then “3D Touch” - would a long click on the notification cause the actions to appear or open the app?

iPhone XR isn’t out yet but I think iOS 12 will replace 3D Touch with Haptic Touch without the need of changes form developers

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I unspderstand the xr will get “haptic touch” and I believe that’s mainly some physical feedback on pressing, the question is what action will it trigger on the screen?

I am guesssing iOS app developers might be able to say now how it will react acccording to the code, although the device is not yet out there :wink:

I think “Haptic Touch” will work like iOS 12 on iPhone 5s and 6, you’ll slide the notification left and touch on “View”

I would agree with @SouzaaThales’s suggestion. Slide left on a notification is how it’s handled on iPhone 5’s which also don’t have 3D Touch.