Actionable Notifications - need to press/hold for actions to appear?

I’m just starting to try out actionable notifications on HA 2021.5 with the 2021.5 companion app.

To test this out, I’m doing something very simple:

service: notify.mobile_app_iphone_ios
  message: Testing actionable notifications
  title: test
      - action: "ALARM"
        title: "Sound alarm"
      - action: IGNORE"
        title: Ignore alarm
        uri: ""

When I call this service, the notification does appear on the iPhone, but the two actions don’t appear unless I Press & Hold on the notification and then the 2 actions will appear.

If I don’t Press & Hold, and instead just tap on the notification then nothing happens.

Is this the expected behaviour, am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


This is expected behavior and how iOS works for actions on notifications in general.

One potential area of improvement is offering some kind of custom in-app UI around actions from a notification you tap on, since it’s a point of confusion. For example:

This is, of course, not ready yet.

Yes, that would be a great improvement I think.

Thank you.