Actionable Notifications not working

Hi, I use the latest version of HA and the IOS Companion App and try to get the actionable notifications working. My code ist from the example on the documentation adapted to send to my device. Sending is working I get the message but without the actions to choose from. I do the long touch so it should be visible but it is not.

service: notify.mobile_app_skysphone
  message: Something happened at home!
      - action: ALARM
        title: Sound Alarm
        icon: sfsymbols:bell
      - action: SILENCE
        title: Silence Alarm
        icon: sfsymbols:bell.slash
enabled: true

In the past I had the configuration.yaml version working but then long time no need for this actions and now I can not get them working again. Does anybody has an idea why the actions are not showing. Btw they also do not show on my Apple Watch but on iPad .

iOS is as often ‘different’…not sure if you noticed this but you have to tap&hold the notification until a second line pops-up where you can go to the url…not very intuitive if you ask me

yes I know that’s why I wrote about the long press. :wink:

But I got it working had to remove it completely also from the configs and read it. Now it works on all devices.