Actionable notifications with parameters

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Hi all,

I’ve been working with Hassio for over a year now and I’m enjoying it a lot.
One thing I’m struggling with is the use of actionable notifications.

I managed to trigger notifications with actions, but now I want to be able to have those actions change depending on the state of Hassio.

More in detail, when I arrive at home I want a random list of playlists to be set as possibilities to start playing.

For now I’ve added 3 fixed playlists, but I want these options to be random. Any Idea how I could manage this? Or if this is even possible

You need to pre-register all the actions with iOS, so its not possible to do this.

So there is no way we could get only the titles with parameters? I can understand the action identifiers need to be fixed, as you need those for catching the clicked event. But it would be nice to have the possibility to set for example playlist_1, playlist_2, … as identifiers and have the titles filled with parameters.

Is this something to take in consideration for a later version?

Sadly, iOS requires we register the entire button, title included, in advance.