Actionable Notifications

SO i feel like im going crazy. I just CANNOT get actionable notifications to work.
I’ll paste my config below but

  1. ive restarted HA more than is healthy
  2. restarted my phone
  3. restarted the app
  4. updated the push settings
  5. reinstalled the app, and reset settings

My ios config has this

    - name: ARRIVAL
      identifier: 'ARRIVAL'
        - identifier: 'DONOTHING'
          title: 'DONOTHING'
          activationMode: 'background'
          authenticationRequired: no
          destructive: false
          behavior: 'default'
        - identifier: 'OPEN'
          title: 'Open'
          activationMode: 'background'
          authenticationRequired: yes
          destructive: false
          behavior: 'default'

and my automation has this.

- action:
  - data:
          category: "ARRIVAL"
      message: ARRIVAL
    service: notify.ios_adrians_iphone
  alias: Ado_arriving
  id: '1500774995689'
  - entity_id: device_tracker.adrians_iphone
    from: not home
    platform: state
    to: closetohome

I get the notification, but i dont get any actions…

To me it looks like this have got the trigger/action wrong, I think you need to start with trigger and the the action. Take a look at this example from my config file that works fine for me.

- alias: 'Larm trigger'
    - platform: state
      to: triggered

    - service: notify.ios_iphone_7_plus
        message: "LARMET UTLÖST"
            badge: 0
            category: "ALARMUTLOST"
            entity_id: light.vardagsrum__tvbank
            my_custom_data: foo_bar

Well this is the thing.
It works in the sense that i get a notification on my phone … it shows the ‘message’ but it just doesnt give me any choices for actions.
The automation was created by the new GUI automation editor, so im assuming the order doesnt matter ?

Ok, I am not familiar with the GUI editor, I have never used it.

That is my config and it works for me, sorry but I don’t know what wrong with yours.

I’ve read around that Automation Editor puts Action before Trigger, so that should not be it.

the identifier must be lower case and it has to match with the category

to see the actionable option you need to 3D touch on the notification if you still have problems post your configuration and i will help

yes you have to update push notifications on ios app every time you make a change