Actionable Notifications?


I setup a few actionable notifications to send a picture from my cameras if certain events happen. They all work fine when my Iphone is connected to my local network but when I’m connected to outside my network say on cellular or another wifi network I get the notifications but no picture attached to it.

Is this normal or did I miss something setting up?


The attachment URLs have to be accessible from the internet if you want them to be visible off your local network.

Do you have a static WAN IP or duckDNS set up?

Here’s an example of the URL for an attachment in one of my notifications:


The /local folder is the config/www/ folder. That’s where you need to put your pictures for them to be accessible outside the local network.

The duckdns domain in the URL is resolved to the dynamic WAN IP address of my router (assigned by my ISP) by the duckdns service.


Ah yes. That whats I was thinking. Checking with my ISP now to setup a static IP.

I used DuckDNS before but changed over to a local VPN so I could login.


If you are connected via a VPN the local URL should be resolvable. I think.