Actions Not Syncing?

I have an action that I want to appear in the mobile app

    categories: !include ios_push_categories.yaml

    - name: CheckLocks
      background_color: "#000000"
        text: "Check Locks"
        color: "#ff0000"
        icon: lock
        color: "#ffffff"

The docs say " go to the Actions section of App Configuration and tap “Import From Server”"

but I can’t find that in the app anywhere?

Can you find “App Configuration” in the sidebar? Try swiping from the left to the right, and maybe scrolling.

Found the issue, I needed the test flight version of the companion app

Hi, I have the same issue I cannot see the “Import from Server” button on the app.
Do we need that test flight version? Isn’t there any other way to trigger the update?

The TestFlight version is the only version that supports Complications. Here’s a dead link:

Try searching “home assistant ios beta”.

Hm Any ETA to go to the live version?

The documentation here needs an update - it will automatically sync or you can pull to refresh on the actions list to make it pull down the new ones. This feature requires 0.115+.

Ok ! I tried that also but didn’t work because I did it on 0.114. Gonna upgrade HA and try again.
Also even on 0.114 some actions are auto populated and they work (Scene Ones)

Hi, I’m using HA 0.115.2 and mobile app 2020.6.1 but I can’t find that option.

Documentation says:

This requires at least Home Assistant 0.115 and version 2020.6.

Is this correct? or should I use TestFlight version?

Sorry, I don’t have iOS. Can you try rebooting phone + HA, and send a screenshot?

My bad! I had installed a wrong Companion App version, just updated and sync without any issue.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you post an example action template here :slight_smile: , Struggling to get it working :confused:



    - name: toggle_living_ac
      background_color: "#268bd2"
        text: "Living AC"
        icon: air-conditioner


- alias: toggle_living_ac
    - platform: event
      event_type: ios.action_fired
        actionName: toggle_living_ac
    service_template: >
      {% if is_state('climate.living_ac', 'off') %}
      {% else %}
      {% endif %}
    entity_id: climate.living_ac

And there are more configuration I made:

another note.

My wife has iOS app version 2020.6.2 (1) and I have have version 2020.7 (11).

On her version we can have the “old” pre IOS14 widgets which allows us to insert as many actions as we want:

On my version (the most recent) we can only have the newest IOS Widgets which in best case scenario allows us to have only 8 tiles maximum.

Could you just please revert on the next version and allows to have back the old widget schema also so that we can have as many tiles as we want? Otherwise it is useless for me at least.


I don’t know Apple that much, but couldn’t you just duplicate the widget menu to have 16?

Hi, we can duplicate but I can’t select what goes into the tiles. it is always in the same order as they appear on configuration.yaml

EDIT: nvm we can select the tiles, but I rather the old method still

Also it seems that that the old actions didn’t open the homeassistant app and the new ones do which is a bummer