Actions on notifications don’t work

Hallo I have always have had actionable notifications on my hass, with different actions depending on the situation. And they’re have always worked perfectly.

But after my upgrade to a new iPhone (6 to 8) the actions don’t work anymore. I’m getting the notification fine but the trigger is never sent to the server.

I have tried reinstalling the app, I have tried resetting and the reinstalling the app. But nothing works.

Only having the app in the background works.

Some times when I open the app after a failed notification, I get “cannot connect” error in the app. Something about a timeout. But then I just click save and it connects fine.

Can someone help?

Did you ‘update push settings’ in the app. This sncys your phone and HA.

Also are all the device names and links the same as they were with your 6?

I have an 8 and my actionable notifications work as expected.

yes i updated the push setting, and the device is the same…

EDIT: Is the device name maybe to blame?

still really a problem, no body have an idea on the problem?
@robbiet480 maybe?

the only thing consistant, is that it comes with a connection error if i open the app right after i have clicked the button, but was soon as i click ok, it connects fine.

i really need some help with this.

Seriously no body how can help me.

try put in the url and password again and enable all the notification settings. If still unable to connect. Delete app and reinstall again.

Your iOS notification platform is not loaded

@Sunonline i have tried many times, inputting the url and password, and tried many times to reset and reinstall the app, nothing helped. And after i click okay, the logs in without a problem.

@Martinvdm The iOs notification platform is loaded, to else i wouldnt get the button on the notifications

The problem is not that im not getting the notifications or buttons with them. But it’s that when i try to use the buttons the trigger is not sent to hass, and the app report a connection error, but has no problem connecting right after.

If i have the app in the background on my phone, the trigger is sent sometimes to hass…

I have this same issue. Not sure when it stopped working. Thew notification comes through but no longer displays the buttons.

@Kanishkaz that is maybe just because you’r iOs notifications platform is not loaded, or you havn’t been in and update the push settings.

But that’s not my problem, my buttons are on the notifications but, when i click them the trigger is not sent to hass.

I found my issue. The category identified needed to be lower case.

Okay this is getting weird and weird.

I tried updating the host system of my hassio. From resinos 1.1 to 1.3.
And that got the notification actions working for awhile.

But a couple of days. They stopped working again. I then tried reboot the host system again. And now they work again. I except them to stop working after a couple of days again.

Anybody have any idea why?

Okay i think i found the cause of the problem, and a temporary fix. But not the real error and a correct fix.

Every time i restart hass, the notification actions fails to go through. But if i instead of restarting hass, restarts the host system instead, they won’t fail.

So the error must somewhere in hassio.

I thought i had found the source off the problem.

But i have now moved to hassbian, and i stil have this problem.
Im only getting action through if i have the app open.

i really need some help with this.

i look around a bit i my router logs, and it does seems to get the request and sends it to hass server. But the app is still getting the connection error.

okay, so i had some kind for brake through, thanks to the help by @spacesuitdriver over at discord. How sugested trying to put a nginx in front for the hass… And that had some kind of effect. Because now it seems like most of the actions are coming through, but. And that’s a BIG but, the first notification actions is not coming through…

And by first i mean that the first efter i have had the app open, and then closed it, is not working. After that if i don’t open the app the actions are working. Next i then open the app i get the connection error… And when i close the app, the next notification action is not working.

Because of the nginx i front, i now have some kind of logs to go by. And it seems like the first notification that is not coming through is not showing in the logs at all, not in the access log or error. But the subsequntiel actions are coming through and i can see them in the logs.

So would say it sounds like some kind for bug in the app… But it could be great with some kind for response from maybe the developer or some thing it have now been three monts, @robbiet480?