Activate GPIO pin on remote webiopi RPI

Hi all,

noob here
any chance I can get a for dummies walk through to toggle the state of a GPIO on a remote webiopi garage door remote. I found the BCM GPIO I want to toggle on the remote webiopi just need some help making the config yaml work, then send the commands to toggle.


Have you considered the Restful switch of home assistant (

You just do post calls to your webiopi, e.g.

  - platform: rest
    resource: http://IP_ADDRESS/GPIO/25/value/1

Thank you so much, that is what I have been looking for - give me 5 and will test that.


does this look correct?

Garage Door Switch

platform: rest

Where 18 is the GPIO i want to toggle the value of?

Tested this works - well 1/2 of the process - it opens, but does not close

I have got it working ---- sort of -----

so my garage door is a single button. Press = go up, another press = stop , another press = go down. Simple wifi controlled relay on a RPI, works a treat with web interface.

I want to bring a switch into HA. on MQTT i have to send the command twice, essentially open the relay then close again to get one for the above ‘presses’ to work. 6 cycles if I want to open, stop mid way and then close again. Any ideas how I can send the command of open , then reset the relay?


I know this is an old thread but have you been able to figure this out? What did you end up going with?

I know this is an old inquiring on an old thread (ha!) but FYI this component doesn’t map to webiopi well. As far as I have gathered webiopi does not use a restAPI in the same manner. You post to a different URL to set the values than you do to get the value. I’m still searching for the best solution. A few just using switch components are possible.