Activating Z-Wave scenes from Home Assistant

Setup: Home Assistant OS on bare metal with a UZB7 stick, running ZWaveJS2MQTT add-on

How are scenes that are predefined in the Z-Wave controller (in the “Scenes” section of the Z-Wave JS add-on) activated from Home Assistant?

I have been using native Home Assistant scenes until now, but I am looking to transition to Z-Wave controller scenes instead, due to overhead/responsiveness/flooding of the Z-Wave network when targeting many entities from Home Assistant scenes.

Triggering the Z-Wave controller scenes directly from the Z-Wave JS GUI work great, but I want to make scripts or buttons in Home Assistant that utilizes the same function.

zwavejs2mqtt scenes have nothing to do with Z-Wave nor HA. You’d have to enable MQTT and use the z2m API to use those. All you’re doing is trading one software scene concept (HA) with another (z2m).

Thanks for the feedback and link. I was thinking that activating a scene on the controller meant less overhead/collisions and therefore more responsive scene activations.

With z2m scenes you would not be activating a scene using the controller.

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I think what the original author wanted to do should be possible with the ‘Scene Activation’ feature that a lot of devices have?

ie. I would set the individual device to be value 45 for scene 10, and then I can call the SceneActivationCCSet command with the scene from Home Assistant as a broadcast?

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The original question was (emphasis mine):

and a screenshot of that Scene functionality was provided. The scenes shown in the screenshot aren’t related to Scene Activation, and are the same as what you’d use in HA.

If OP meant Scene Activation CC, they’ll need to clarify.

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My read on the topic was more focused on this part of the question here, where the original poster was trying to reduce the overhead/responsiveness of Z-Wave. Maybe there is a good case to rename scenes in zwave-js-ui so that it doesn’t overload the meaning in other parts of Z-Wave. ie. triggering a Scene with a controller.

@Aviatorpaal would be interested in your input.

You are perfectly correct. I was looking for more responsiveness when changing Z-Wave values for 10+ lights, hoping for fewer collisions/resends if that was what led to the delay when setting scenes by calling individual lights from Home Assistant.

Interesting! I didn´t know this was an option, I´ll definitely try it out

Thank you for clarifying, I didn´t know these were two different things. I´ll try out the Scene Activation CC to see if that gives me the responsiveness I was looking for

Hello, sorry to bring up an old topic, but I am very interested in activating Z-Wave scenes. I have already defined scenes in the Z-Wave JS UI and now I would like to activate them programmatically or through an API from HA.

I’m not interested in reacting to events like Scene 1 activation from Fibaro or other vendors.

Is it possible to do this? Thanks.

Z-Wave JS UI Scenes are not “Z-Wave scenes” (please re-read the full topic). If you are using the Z-Wave integration, there’s no reason to use Z-Wave JS UI Scenes, just write an HA automation or use HA Scenes.

If you want to use ZUI Scenes, then you’ll need to configure MQTT and use the MQTT API.

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clear. thanks