Activity Sensor in Home Assistant App for iOS is Unknown

I am using Home Assistant Companion App for iOS, and tracking activity sensor for some of my automation. However, recently I found that the activity sensor disapear from the app and its state is now permanently shown as Unknown in HA.

I tried to give the app all the permission I can find in iOS, including Motion & Fitness and Research Sensor & Usage Data enabled. And reinstall the app, but it is still missing.

Did anyone face this issue before? And if can, will you be able to guide me how to fix it? thanks.

I have this same issue and would be interested to know if the OP or anyone else has any suggestions.

I think part of the problem here is that the iOS companion app doesn’t update the sensor attributes when it’s in the background unless there is a major event such as a GPS coordinate or cell tower change.

You can test this by leaving your app open in the foreground next time you’re doing an activity like walking where you aren’t covering a lot of distance and see how often it updates…and then trying it in the background to see if it still updates or not. If you’re driving around it may update more often while in the background because there’s more of a chance you’ll be hopping cell towers or triggering whatever else Apples uses as a way to detect a significant location change.

Unfortunately the companion app is at the mercy of whatever opaque algorithms Apple uses.

Yes seems the problem is it only works if iPhone call it in the background. Thanks for your help.