Actron EasyConnect app - Midea A/C skin

Hey HA community!

I wanted to cast the line out, and see what bites I get.

I was hopeful when I moved into my house with Actron air conditioners and noticed there was some activity with them on the HA forums.
Pretty quickly I realised that the EasyConnect app (the one my specific a/c models use) was different to the other ActronConnect app which already has a couple of solutions working for it, but aren’t applicable in this case.

I should preface this with, I have no experience in this area and am happy to be corrected/guided, but I started sniffing around what the EasyConnect app was connecting to.

What I did discover was that the EasyConnect app might just be a skin on the Midea A/C app, as it is pinging the same server.

There are a few people who’ve done some great work with Midea connections:

GitHub - mac-zhou/midea-ac-py: This is a custom component for Home Assistant to integrate the Midea Ai (<- I followed this primarily)
msmart · PyPI

I tried following some of these guides, but couldn’t get a successful connection using their settings.
I managed to decode my userID and deviceID, but hit a wall with the midea-discover step, which couldn’t find the AC.
(It’d be great for someone else to double check this on their own systems)

My uneducated guess is that they might be using a different endpoint for the Actron version of the app perhaps?

I was wondering if someone smarter had any suggestions for modifying a Midea A/C integration to get it working for Actron EasyConnect? Or had any other tests that I should try to get this project off the ground?

Any direction is appreciated - Cheers!