Adafruit MAX 98357A I2S DAC on Raspberry Pi 3b w/ Home Assistant OS


I have a spare Adafruit MAX 98357A I2S (see and lying around and am thinking about coupling it with a Raspberry Pi 3b running Home Assistant OS. Installation is well documented in the provided link. However from the looks of it the installation script provided is made for the popular Raspbian/Debian, but since I’m running Home Assistant OS I did not even try to run it, because I spotted apt-get is supposedly not even part of HAOS.

I do know that intermediate GPIO Support (resp. Integrations) have been purged from HA. I have a few years of simplistic experience with Raspberrys, but have no idea where to even start when speaking of HAOS because the docker container structure of it is still half a mystery to me. So I’m hoping that someone smarter than me might have experience with this procedure and might guide me to a starting point. I know how to ssh into HA and such and how to jump into the homeassistant container but am lacking knowledge/experience about Arch OS at all.

Is running this DAC even possible with HAOS and would it be integratable in alsa in such a way, that it can be selected as Audio Output of Addons e.g. VLC or Spotify Connect?

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