Adaptive Lighting cannot find local time

I recently updated to the latest OS (5.13), along with Supervisor 2021.04.03, and Core 2021.5.2.

Immediately after update I Adaptive lighting stopped working. When trying to turn it on, I get an error that there is no value for the sunrise time. In the Adaptive Lighting settings, leaving it as “None” allows the tool to get sunrise/sunset times from Astral based on your location.

Setting sunrise and sunset to a fixed time corrects the issue.

Is there a way to downgrade to the previous version of Astral? or has anyone found a fix to this for Adaptive Lighting?

Adaptive lighting is a custom component. Post in their github.

Yea, I will do that too.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to uninstall and reinstall astral, which looks like it, or other python libraries were updated with this version of HA?

I’m running right on my Pi using the automated install, but don’t see a way to run command line commands at all, even logging in as root. I have done some searching and all I find are the commands, but nothing is found when I run CD or sudo, regardless of working directly on the Pi (with monitor) or ssh.

Upgrade Astral to 2.2 (#48573) · home-assistant/[email protected] · GitHub is the PR.

I saw someone saying Time of Day integration is currently broken too. Maybe related?

I don’t see where someone called that out but it could certainly be the issue.

How might I be able to downgrade astral only?