Adaptive Lighting support for HomeKit (iOS 14)

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(For those out of the loop: adaptive lighting is a new HomeKit feature pretty much similar to what Circadian Lighting offers, or so it sounds)
As far as I understood, the new Adaptive Lighting feature in HomeKit on iOS 14 is something that needs to be supported in the bridge.
Hue has announced support for it later this year, IKEA hasn’t officially pronounced themselves about it. Doing it from Home Assistant would bring support for all the supported lights at the moment.

If I understand the stack correctly this should be possible. Also, for anyone who can offer me some pointers, I’d like to look into the pieces of code that would enable something like this.

Btw, I haven’t found any documentation about Adaptive Lighting so I’m only working from assumptions on how it all works.

(This is my first feature request in this forum, let me know if something could be better done)

Home Assistant uses the HAP-python library for it’s HomeKit functionality. For adaptive lighting to be added, it needs to be added to HAP-python first.


Thanks for the pointer.