Adb command & Nvidia Shield/Android TV


I am trying to understand how the adb commands work, in order to start some automation with a Nvidia shield using home assistant.
At first glance I want to change the app name inside home assistant of an application used in the Nvidia shield.
So, this is the code I add in the Yaml configuration :

# configuration.yaml config for media_player:
  - platform: vlc_telnet
    name: HTPCvlc
    host: localhost:4212
    password: xxxxxxx
  - platform: androidtv
    name: Nvidia Shield
    apps: TvMate

There are two players, so what I am interested for is the second one. I used the option apps, and I want to rename to TvMate, so it could be easier for me…
However, after running the ADB command “GET_PROPERIES” under services in developer tools, in the state tab in adb_response it shows me the following:

adb_response: {'screen_on': True, 'awake': True, 'audio_state': 'playing', 'wake_lock_size': 5, 'current_app': '', 'media_session_state': None, 'audio_output_device': 'hdmi', 'is_volume_muted': False, 'volume': 15, 'running_apps': ['', 'android.process.acore', '', '', '', 'com.nvidia.blakepairing', '', 'com.nvidia.shieldtech.accessoryui', 'com.nvidia.shield.remote.server', 'com.nvidia.osc', '', 'flar2.homebutton', 'com.anydesk.anydeskandroid', '', '', 'com.nvidia.shield.ask', 'it.rainet.androidtv', '', '', '', 'com.nvidia.ota', 'com.gaditek.purevpnics:openvpn', '', 'com.nvidia.tegrazone3:PersonalGridService', 'com.nvidia.tegrazone3:telemetry', '', 'com.gaditek.purevpnics', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''], 'hdmi_input': None}
hdmi_input: null
device_class: tv
entity_picture: /api/media_player_proxy/media_player.nvidia?token=8a7dc90cfd815f1b1adb6ea2fdf0cabf5fb3cd76819a1c821f821c8a57978045&cache=1673450001.600654
friendly_name: Nvidia Shield
supported_features: 23997
source_list:, android.process.acore,,,, com.nvidia.blakepairing,, com.nvidia.shieldtech.accessoryui, com.nvidia.shield.remote.server, com.nvidia.osc,, flar2.homebutton, com.anydesk.anydeskandroid,,, com.nvidia.shield.ask, it.rainet.androidtv,,, Android TV Launcher, com.nvidia.ota, com.gaditek.purevpnics:openvpn, Play Store, com.nvidia.tegrazone3:PersonalGridService, com.nvidia.tegrazone3:telemetry,, com.gaditek.purevpnics, Live Channels, Netflix,,, Google Cast,,,
volume_level: 1
is_volume_muted: false

So the name is still the old one. Do I have made any mistakes in the configuration yaml?