ADC sensor added to Bluetooth Proxy?

I have several Bluetooth Proxy devices configured on M5 Stack Atom-Lites around my house. I would like to add the ability to read water pressure to one of these rather than configure a second device just to read Water Pressure. If I add the code below to one of my Bluetooth Proxies will this work? Does not seem to compile properly…

  - platform: adc
    pin: 33
    name: Well Pressure
    unit_of_measurement: "PSI"
    device_class: "pressure"
    update_interval: 0.5s
      - calibrate_linear:
        - 0.90 -> 40.0
        - 1.10 -> 70

      - median:
          window_size: 10
          send_every: 4
          send_first_at: 3

Sorry, my message was not very clear. I am not asking for help with the compiling issue. I simply want to know if a sensor can be configured on top of the Bluetooth Proxy or not so I do not spend 2 days trying to make something work that will not. I have looked and have not found an answer.

Definitely. None of my BT proxies are just proxies.
Now, the BT stack is huge, so not everything will run along…

Thank you so much!