Add a Bluetooth device after deletion

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I’ve bought a Xiaomi temperature sensor and added a bluetooth dongle to my setup. After a while the sensor was found and I was able to add it as a device. The only reading I got was the signal strength so I started to investigate.
These sensors do encryption, but thanks to a nice guy [1] it is quite easy to flash a new firmware to get it to work. I did so and everything went fine, but HA did not see new values from the device. I thought it might be a great idea to delete the device from HA and add it again, but after I pressed the delete button I’m not able to find the device anymore.
I also tried removing the Bluetooth integration but that did not help.

Is there a config file where this device might be blacklisted? Any recommendation where to look for further debugging information?

I use a fresh install of HA in Docker, there is not much configured at the moment.

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[1] Telink Flasher

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Additional Information: the device is sending data (used bluetoothctl on the host system):

[CHG] Device A4:C1:38:XX:XX:XX ServiceData Key: 0000181a-0000-1000-8000-0080XXXXXXXX
[CHG] Device A4:C1:38:XX:XX:XX ServiceData Value:
  a4 c1 38 XX XX XX 00 d0 3d 64 0c 50 37           ..8-#...=d.XX

There is nothing in the log file (datapath/homeassistant.log)

It looks like auto discovery don’t work twice so for a device which has been deleted before.
I read some other users which had the same unfortunate experience.

If you only need to use it in Home Assistant, you could use GitHub - pvvx/ATC_MiThermometer: Custom firmware for the Xiaomi Thermometers and Telink Flasher via USB to Serial converter instead.
Then you will be able to change the advertising mode to BTHome and use it with the BTHome integration, maybe autodiscovery will find it or your could try to add it again using this link and find the right mac address.

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@Nardol Thank you very much, that was a great workaround. Works like a charm!

If someone knows where this auto discovery information is saved, so deleted devices cannot be recognized again… would be nice!

@hjjg I just ran into the same problem you described, but didn’t choose to yet use another firmware …
What I did was “add integration” → “Xiaomi BLE”, and the old sensor just popped up to be added again, and worked like it should.

I have the same problem and unable to find it back by add integration → xiaomi ble, it says no device found in the network.
I would like to know where to save the deleted device too.

Same problem. Switchbot device was added to the system automatically and worked well. I had to delete that device and now I can’t add it again

Sorry for somewhat resurrecting, but I’m having this same issue. I’m using the BTHome integration, deleted the temp sensor, and now nothing I do makes it come back. I even stopped HA, renamed the configuration of a working sensor to match the MAC address of the deleted one and it STILL won’t see it! somewhere deep in the system bowels it’s being disabled permanently. Please help!

Has anyone found a work around for this…I added a Xiaomi Temp sensor, but only power and signal entities came thru to BTHome, so I deleted it thinking I would reflash and readd it. I did the reflash but can’t add it back into BTHome? BTHome either doesn’t see it or thinks it is already configured.

Unfortunately here the same with an Eufy BT scale. Got interrupted (scale auto power-off was pretty fast) in initial setup and now the scale does not connect anymore :frowning:
Device and Integration deleted, but :man_shrugging:

Same issue here with an Xiaomi BLE sensor. Hopefully there will be a solution.

Same issue with some BLE LED Lights

Having the same issue with BTHome and Shelly door / window device. After deletion its gone. There must be a way to solve this?