Add a Gauge using yaml file

I’m trying to understand how to add a gauge using YAML file in Lovelace UI.

I have been able to add the gauge using the guided way, selecting these options from the UI:

  1. image

  2. image

  3. image

  4. image

Instead, I would like to understand how and where write the YAML code that is generated by the guided way:

title: Home
  - badges: []
      [... OMISSIS ...]
      - entity: iliad_account.credit_data
        max: 30
        min: 0
        name: Dati
          green: 0
          red: 25
          yellow: 20
        theme: default
        type: gauge
        unit: GB
    icon: 'mdi:home'
    path: default_view
    title: default_view

In particular, the idea is to create a sort of gauge object, so that I can easily recall it in the groups.yaml file and move it where I need, without editing it manually using the guided way.

Many thanks,