Add a note to entity/device

One thing I’m missing, or haven’t found… Is a way to easily keep notes and document my hass-setup.

For example, add a note to my z-waveplug when the meter was last reseted, or a lamp was changed, or for that matter, when it was installed. Or just some notes of things tried, but didn’t work…

The best option(?) is to have an extra attribute named something like “notes”. So it is easily found :slight_smile:

you can already create custom attributes:

      notes: add some notes here

not sure if you can do it thru the UI tho.

of course, thanks for the reminder… completeley forgot about customize, at least som eons ago you, if my memory serves me right, you could do it through UI.

Just to hope that it one day will be easily available directly from the entity in the UI.

This would be very nice to have.

If we would have an option via the UI, that would be great.
I would like to add some info, description or notes to a lot of devices and entities, mainly to keep my setup clean.

Agreed, this would be awesome!
Also, notes/comments in automations done in UI would also be very helpful.

You have the option in automation, when you rename it


Thanks, but I was thinking of # style comments that can be entered in yaml mode but then are stripped by the UI editor.