Add a note to entity/device

One thing I’m missing, or haven’t found… Is a way to easily keep notes and document my hass-setup.

For example, add a note to my z-waveplug when the meter was last reseted, or a lamp was changed, or for that matter, when it was installed. Or just some notes of things tried, but didn’t work…

The best option(?) is to have an extra attribute named something like “notes”. So it is easily found :slight_smile:

you can already create custom attributes:

      notes: add some notes here

not sure if you can do it thru the UI tho.

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of course, thanks for the reminder… completeley forgot about customize, at least som eons ago you, if my memory serves me right, you could do it through UI.

Just to hope that it one day will be easily available directly from the entity in the UI.

This would be very nice to have.

If we would have an option via the UI, that would be great.
I would like to add some info, description or notes to a lot of devices and entities, mainly to keep my setup clean.

Agreed, this would be awesome!
Also, notes/comments in automations done in UI would also be very helpful.

You have the option in automation, when you rename it


Thanks, but I was thinking of # style comments that can be entered in yaml mode but then are stripped by the UI editor.

Agree. It would come in handy with a notes function where e.g. battery type or other info relevant to the single user could be entered.


Regarding battery type you could give GitHub - andrew-codechimp/HA-Battery-Notes: A Home Assistant integration to provide battery notes of devices a try.

Agreed. Would love to have a comment/note field on every device and entitiy.

Same here. Would love to have this

Feature request
Notes field in devices or entities to remind you what you’ve done
I was looking for a place to add notes to devices or entities for future reference for me. For example I have some sensors that are in obscure locations such as a presence sensor located inside a clock and a door deadbolt open sensor that is wired in the door jam and the sensor located in a space above the door.
I have done some custom modifications that work for me like using a water leak sensor as that deadbolt sensor because it has a long wire connected to the sensor probes. I added a reed switch in place of the probes. I’m sure I’ll forget how I did that!
I may need a reminder what size battery to bring when it’s time to service a zigbee sensor.
And worst case, if I become unable to maintain the system, someone else can see the notes and figure out what I have done.
Anyway, a notes field would be nice.

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If we had this I would not need my notebook in my desktop drawer. In this notebook I have listed all my devices and what they do.

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Love this.

I have a gDoc with device nuances or reasons why I set something up one way vs another that may have been less optimal. Would love if those were associated with the HA device.

It may be already a request, but I could not find it.
I would like to have an extra memo field onto a devices data, to store things like dates and problems occured, the solutions, exact location of the device(sometimes I forget where I hide them, blush) and those kind of stuff. Now I store it into a separate database which feels kinda stupid.
Maybe there is already a solution for this, I am pretty new to HA
If that is the case sorry…

It sounds like a good idea, until it is not. :slight_smile:
I use the Powercalc integration to add power reading to devices and entities that normally do not have them and it would be the same you would do with other info.
It works fine normally, but then something happens and the original devices are re-added with a _2 in the end of their name.
The solution to this is to remove the old one and rename the new ones and everything run again.
But the Powercalc information that was stored as extra info on the old one is now gone too.

It is risky to tie important information directly to a device/entity!

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Plenty of similar requests for “notes” instead of “memo” in the search :wink:
Until this is done in the UI, you can add custom attributes as a workaround as described here


Make sense, I did not realize that. However, sometimes I do add existing devices which lost connection and (probably due to their ID’s) takeover previous settings etc, like which area it is used, the automation there into etc.
It sounds a bit like, you could run into ‘memo history problems’ but not always

That would indeed work!!