Add a static route HomeAssistant on Rasp5

Hello, I have a connection to internet via a static IP. But I want to set a additional static route in my homeassistant and use a different gateway like:

I used the addon “Terminal & SSH” but there is no option for “uncheck the protected mode”. So I can not use the command " nmcli" to set the route.

How can I set a static route?

The protection mode should be a setting on the same tab as the start button for the addon.

That is the wrong one.

This is the good one

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Never realized that there were two different SSH addons. Nice to know! :slight_smile:

Thanks francisp,
I have ssh adv. already tried. I can also start it, but when I open the web UI the following messages appear.


Probably because you did not uninstall the other one.

Sorry, it was the wrong password. SSH works.