Add a warning with countdow

I have a button to control my smartlock (nuki), but, as it is my home door, I don’t want to accidentally trigger it and leave my door open when I’m away. So, my idea is to add a warning timer (I tried commentary but is quite simple and not multiline), let’s say 5 sg, with a cancel button in it. If, in 5 seconds, I do not say “no, it’s a mistake”, the door will open.

Any brilliant brain knows how to do it?

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To prevent accidental activation of entities there is a confirm option for the tap action:

It’s not timed but it should prevent accidental activation.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your quick reply. I tried this option, but it’s quite simple, does not allow multiline, just plain text with a yes/no button, that’s why I was asking for something more fancy.

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